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fic : Lipstick Kiss (2/2)

Title : Lipstick Kiss

Pairing : Rose/Ten.5, Rose/Nine

Genre : Smut

Rating : Adult

Word Count : 3938 (total)

Status : Complete

Summary : "… and I was thinking… I've come into that mouth."

Chapter One


Chapter Two

"The club was dark, noisy, crowded. The music was loud – you could feel it through the floor. Jack had done his usual disappearing act and you… you were on the dance floor in a red dress and red shoes and…" He pauses, the details in his memory sharpening. "You had this… glitter-dust on your skin. It caught the light when you moved; made you golden."


"What else?"


His eyes grow dark and so does his voice. "Like I said, I couldn't take my eyes off you. I wanted you so much it burned. I knew it was wrong, but the more I watched you the more I wanted you." He licks his lips. "I was so hard, Rose. Just looking at you made me so bloody hard. And I knew I couldn't do anything about it except go back to the TARDIS and… take myself in hand."


Rose's cheeks flush pink as she imagines the Doctor doing exactly that, and a breathy sigh of want escapes her lips.


"Not like I haven't had to do it before." His mouth twists into a dark smile as he looks at her. "Do you know how many times I've come with your name on my lips?" he asks, and his eyes glimmer with something wicked. "Lying naked on my bed, thrusting into nothing, my hand covered in come, my eyes tight shut, imagining what it would be like to be inside you – to be fucking you. Do you have any idea how many times I've done that, Rose?"


She takes a step back and feels the edge of the counter hard against her hip. She shakes her head because she cannot speak.  


The Doctor closes the small distance between them. He leans in close, puts his hands flat on the counter, trapping her. Rose's eyes flutter closed as he breathes in the soft notes of her perfume. He lets his mouth trail slow, exploring kisses up her throat to her ear.


"Think of a number between ten and a hundred," he whispers huskily. "Double it." The tip of his tongue licks her skin. He can feel the chase of her pulse. "Add the year you were born and… you're not even close."


She can hear the amusement in his voice and it annoys her just enough to bring her thoughts back to the here and now. She opens her eyes and puts her hands on his chest, pushing him back a little.


"I said tell me what you remember." There's a stubborn note in her voice.


He stares at her for a moment. "I finished my drink and took one last look at you. I was going to leave. I had every intention of walking away. But then I saw you were dancing with someone." He stops, his features harden and his jaw tightens as the finer details become just that little bit sharper. "His hands were touching you in ways I never had – and you were letting him. The next thing I knew, I was next to you. Your pretty boy had the sense to make a hasty retreat. I took hold of your hand and dragged you out of the club – you didn't go willingly."


"Damn right I didn't."


He looks at her and his smile does something to her insides. "I headed down an alley with you stumbling along behind me in red heels, and no matter how you squirmed I wouldn't let go of you." He leans a little closer, his breath warm against her cheek, his lips hovering beguilingly close to hers, but not close enough. Not nearly close enough.  


Rose takes an unsteady breath, desire burning under her skin. She senses the cruelty in him, that he can take such pleasure in tormenting her like this, but she does not shy away from it; not when she has waited for this moment for so long.


She lets her hands fall away from him and her fingernails graze the velvet lapels of his jacket. She remains silent, waits, hardly breathing, for him to continue with his story.


"You pulled your hand free. I made a grab for you and you tried to run. I caught you, pushed you up against the brick, pinned you there. And you pushed back, Rose. Full of fire and brimstone, you pushed right back. I had to kiss you. I couldn't stop kissing you. And suddenly it wasn't just about me wanting you – it was you wanting me too."


Rose opens her mouth to speak, but there are no words, so she licks her lips and watches his gaze sharpen. He moves close and brushes his mouth to the apple of her cheek, it's a fleeting, barely there kiss that makes her breath catch and her heart race.


"You turned the tables Rose, you pushed me away and I thought it was over. But it wasn't." His lips are close to the corner of her mouth and when she turns her head to catch his kiss he pulls away to look into her cloudy eyes.


"You pushed aside my leather jacket, undid my jeans, dragged down the zip, and right there in that dark, dirty back alley you knelt down in front of me and took my cock into your mouth." His eyes are almost black now, and Rose can't look away from him.


"I remember that the moon was full," he continues. "I remember the dull thud of music seeping out from the club, the brick wall hard against my back and the threat of rain in the air. I remember my hands fisting into your hair and that you looked up at me with those big, brown eyes of yours and watched me come undone." He stops, takes an uneven breath and gently he strokes the apple of her cheek with one thumb. Rose leans her face into his touch.


His hand falls away. "What I can't remember, is how it feels to be in your mouth. I can't remember what it feels like to have you lick and suck me. I can't remember what it's like to pulse in your mouth and feel you swallow around me."


Rose stares at the Doctor, her breathing quickening as she holds his gaze. She sets her hands on his shoulders and leans in close, pressing her body to his.


Her breath is warm against his jaw, and he closes his eyes so that he might savour each and every delicious word that falls from her lips.


"I remember how it feels to have you fill my mouth, have your taste spill over my tongue, to swallow around you and feel your warmth coat my throat, feel you soften as I suck you and then let you go."


Rose takes a step forward, guiding the Doctor back a step, then another. He offers no resistance, moving with her until he finds himself backed up against the doorframe.


Her hands drift down from his shoulders, her fingertips trace over the crisp white material of his shirt. Her hands move lower and the Doctor groans in pleasure from her touch. He feels his cock harden and thicken; expectation rushing through his body.


A smile at her mouth, Rose cups him lightly and the Doctor instinctively pushes into her touch. He can't help but wish he had more control, more patience, but his desire for her is intense and has been chained too long.


He feels her fingers work to undo buttons and zip. He watches as Rose drops to her knees before him, her hand wrapped lightly around his shaft. She softly kisses the tip of his cock and as she does his eyes half close. She flicks the tip of her tongue to the taste of him and he shudders.


His jaw slackens and he is suddenly glad of the doorframe behind him. His eyes find hers ardently watching him and he reaches out, his hands brushing her cheek before he slips his fingers into her long blonde hair.


"You're so… beautiful," he tells her and he sees her smile.


She opens her mouth and takes him then, all of him. The Doctor closes his eyes, losing himself in blissful pleasures.


He doesn't know how long it goes on for; the soft, sure swirl of Rose's tongue, the insistent tug of her mouth, the stroke of her hand. He used to understand the subtle increments of time, but no more, at least, not right now, not when Rose is so wonderfully… doing what she's doing.


She hums around him and he groans. His eyes open and he watches her lips, painted red, take him deeper. He can feel his orgasm building, and he's torn between wanting to warn her, and just wanting to let it happen.


His breathing grows ragged and he knows that he won't last much longer. His body is demanding release.


"Rose," he whispers her name through clenched teeth. "Rose I…" he feels her swirl her tongue against his cock, then take him deeper into her mouth and it is nothing short of divine. He groans and pushes forward, hitting the back of her throat.


She lifts her gaze to his, permission in her eyes and his hands fist into her hair as his body shudders. He tries to hold onto some semblance of control but he can't. Instead he pushes deep into her mouth, over and over. He calls out Rose's name as his orgasm breaks, and he comes hard in her mouth.


She swallows around him, and when he's done, and spent, and breathless, she gently sucks him until he softens and slips from her mouth.


Then, almost as an afterthought she tilts her head and leans in close, breathes in the masculine scent of him and presses her mouth to his hip bone. She draws back slowly and smiles at the red lipstick kiss she has marked him with.


She lifts her eyes to meet the Doctor's. "You're mine," she tells him, her voice dark and possessive.


"Yes, Rose," he says with absolute agreement, "I'm yours." He takes her hand to help her up. "I always have been."


He draws her close, his hands moving to sit possessively on her hips as he kisses her slowly, deliberately, thoroughly. He can taste his flavour in her mouth as she opens to him and he feels himself begin to harden again. He groans as renewed desire begins to burn and he shifts his hip so that she can feel his urgency.


Rose slips free of the Doctor's hold and she takes a step back, leaning against the counter as she looks at him. Her tongue flicks to the corner of her mouth.


"You're undone," she teases.


He nods his head, his hands moving to make decent what she made indecent.


Rose turns to the bathroom mirror and her reflection. She has no reason to blush, but she does. She blots her mouth with a tissue and re-applies the red lipstick as in the mirror, she watches the Doctor fasten zip and button.


It is only when they are both presentable again that she turns around to face him again.


"You're still undone," she says, and her smile is playful.


Confused, he frowns. "But I…"


Rose closes the distance between them, her fingers taking hold of the Doctor's bow-tie, still loose around his neck. She wrinkles her nose a little as she concentrates, tying it into a smart black bow then stepping back to admire her handiwork.  


"There," she says with satisfaction. "Perfect – even if I do say so myself."


The Doctor glances in the mirror and frowns again. "Bow-ties look stupid."


Rose shakes her head. "Not on you," she says. "On you… they look cool."


He reaches for her, his hands settle her hips again and he draws her close, leans in closer. "Rose…"


The intercom buzzes loudly, disturbing the silence, and the moment is broken.


Rose takes a step back, a rueful smile at her mouth. "The car's here."


"Yeah." He pushes one hand through his hair and looks at Rose. "You ready?"


Devilment shines in Rose's eyes and as the Doctor watches, she adjusts her dress, calmly stepping out of her red lace knickers. "I am now."


Leaving her knickers on the bathroom floor she brushes past the Doctor in the doorway, then stops, turns back to look at him and offers him a wide smile. "Come on, we don't want to be late."


She holds out her hand to him and he takes it, and they run, because they are Rose and the Doctor, and that is what they do.


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