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fic : Beach

Title : Beach
Pairing : Ten/Rose
Genre : Romance/Smut
Rating : Teen
Word Count : 582
Status : Complete
Summary : The skirt of her dress, caught by the warm breeze, billows behind her like a white sail.

Written for mylittlepwny 's prompt 'Ten/Rose + sundress.'




She's walking barefoot across wet sand, leaving foot prints that are washed away as the surf comes in and bubbles around her ankles before drawing back to the depths of the topaz-blue ocean. The skirt of her dress, caught by the warm breeze, billows behind her like a white sail.


She wades out a little deeper, almost up to her knees now. She holds her breath, eager for the next wave. When it comes the water surges higher, soaking her sundress to her thighs. She laughs and it sounds just like happiness should.


Turning around she grins at the Doctor, who is standing a little way off on the chalk-white beach. He offers a smile, and she smiles wider still.


The foam and froth swirl around her legs as she walks back to the safe and dry. Her skin, glistening with lotion, is warm from the sun, but as she leaves the water, it is the Doctor's watchful gaze that burns her soul deep.


She walks towards him slowly, deliberately, knowing full well that the wet dress reveals far more than it hides. She shows no bashfulness, no false modesty. If anything her smile is bold, full of minx.


He's still wearing his suit, although because of her teasing he has turned up his trousers to just below his knees and left his converse outside the TARDIS. 

He stands and waits for her, hands in pockets, toes in sand, and he can't help but wish that he had more days like this.


The breeze tosses a wayward blonde curl in front of her eye, that she ignores but he can't, so he reaches out and pushes it behind her ear. She tilts her face into his hand and when she does his fingers brush her cheek with a touch that tells her more than it should.


She slips her hand into his and walks with him along the white sand, so close that they cast only one shadow.


They explore the rock-pools and caves until eventually, when the tide begins to reclaim the beach, they are forced to climb higher, up onto the sand dunes. They settle themselves down amongst the soft, sun-bleached grasses and Rose leans in close to steal a kiss.


When she begins to move away, the Doctor can't help but reach for her. He can't say the words, but his hands softly stroke her bare arms and for Rose, it's enough. With a sigh of contentment, she opens her mouth and lets him in.


Their kisses are slow and seductive, drifting, languid promises under a hot sun.


They turn their bodies to each other and he pulls her close, then closer still. Rose makes breathless sounds of want and need, and please and now, and the Doctor understands them like language.


When they are drunk on kisses sweet like summer wine and there is only one path left to follow, the Doctor pulls back to look at Rose. Her eyes, darkly wanton, mirror his own.


His hands move to Rose's shoulders and with reverence he unties the narrow bows that sit there. The dress slips away, and he sees her as he has only ever seen her in dreams.


He lowers his head, takes her breast to his mouth and Rose's eyes flutter closed.


Later, when their bodies are spent and tired, and they lie naked, wrapped up in each others hearts, they do not speak words of love. They have no need of them. Knowing is enough.




Tags: fic : beach, romance, rose, smut, teen, ten
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