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fic : Sleepless Nights (4/4)

Title : Sleepless Nights (4/4)
Pairing : Nine/Rose
Genre : Romance/Smut/Angst
Rating : Adult
Word Count : 10423 (total)
Status : Complete
Summary : The Doctor knew in his hearts that the over-familair manner in which he and Rose were entwined, was somethng that should be fixed sooner rather than later. But somehow he couldn't quite bring himself to ease Rose from him.

Chapter One : Bad Dreams

Chapter Two : More than Trust
Chapter Three : Words and Music

Chapter Four : Finding the Impossible

The Doctor opened his eyes and instinctively he sensed that time had moved on, perhaps at least two or three hours. Somehow he had fallen asleep, and that surprised him. He certainly hadn't meant to sleep, and he hadn't thought that he had needed to. Although, truth be told, he couldn't exactly remember the last time he had allowed himself the luxury of sleep. There had been so many more important things to occupy his time of late.

He stirred slightly, stretched his body, and at that same moment he came to the realisation that he had not slept alone. Rose lay wrapped up in his arms, and one of his hands held hers.

The Doctor knew in his hearts that the over-familiar manner in which he and Rose were entwined, was something that should be fixed sooner rather than later. But somehow he couldn't quite bring himself to ease Rose from him. He told himself that he was worried he would wake her, disturb her much needed sleep. But he knew that he was lying; or, if not lying, then he was at the very least stretching the truth to breaking point.

He breathed in the scent of her; an utterly alluring perfume of no more than soap and water. Then, a second later he detected a soft note of vanilla, which he took to be all that was left of an almost washed away perfume. His lips curved into a smile and he drew her fractionally closer to him. There was an immeasurable depth of contentment in holding her close like this. It felt like a lazy warmth that swam through his blood. The sensation was so rare and precious that he was reluctant to let it go.

Before he realised what he was doing, and still lost in the wonder of her, he pushed away his leather jacket from her body, lifted Rose's hand to his mouth and softly kissed her fingers. He watched her eyes slowly open and he drowned in her awakening. He did not know if it was time or his kiss which had brought his sleeping beauty to life again, and he wasn't sure that it really mattered. And so with a flash-fire of bravery stealing his hearts, he turned Rose's wrist to his lips and pressed a slow and cool kiss to her fluttering pulse, as she watched him with sleepy eyes.

Rose sighed contently, and stretched like a cat basking under a warm sun. "I'm dreaming," she murmured softly, her eyes closing a little.

The need to touch her became far too strong for the Doctor to fight, and so he eased her onto her back, half covered her with his body, reached out and swept back a lock of her hair from her cheek. Her eyes fluttered open again and the Doctor held her gaze as it almost stopped his hearts.

"What if you're not dreaming?" he asked her, his voice dark with a desire he had struggled to control for too long. "What if it's real?"

Rose bit her bottom lip as she considered the question. "If it's real then you'll still be here when I wake up."

"And if I am?" He glanced away.

She shook her head on the pillow. "You won't be."

Her certainty crushed him, an almost fatal blow, and his eyes darted back to hers. "How do you know?"

She stared up at him then shrugged a little, sleep having lost its hold upon her. "You never are," she told him quietly, sadness in her voice. She took a breath to steady her nerve. "Doctor…"

He leant in close and kissed her, stopping her words before they could be spoken. His hands gently cupped Rose's face, his fingers pushing into her hair, turning her head ever so slightly. His kiss was cool, persuasive and coaxing. He felt her tense, but only for a second, and then she curved her body closer to his, and a soft, content sigh escaped her lips. The sound of her pleasure almost broke him, but even as Rose's hands came to wrap around him, he began to try and reign in his want of her for fear it would consume him too quickly. He pulled back slightly, let out a ragged breath and trailed soft unhurried kisses along her jaw, her throat, and to the curve of her shoulder as one of his hands stroked down to her hip. There he stopped, lifted his head and looked into her bright wide eyes.

"Tell me to stop and I will." His voice was dark with a desire that Rose had only ever heard from him in her dreams. But dreams were no match for reality.

She held his gaze. "Don't stop."

His eyes grew darker, and slowly, purposefully, he slid his hand back up her body. The slow path of his touch was blatant, and spoke volumes. He had given up denial, and now this was about making her his. He claimed the perfect curve of her breast with his hand, and his thumb tormented the nipple as it strained into his touch under the taut oyster silk that covered it.

Hardly daring to breathe, Rose stared back at the Doctor, knowing that he had never touched her or looked at her in quite the way he was doing now. Something had changed between them, something that she couldn't — wouldn't — allow to change back.

She reached out, touching his face with her fingertips to make certain that he was real, then she put her hand to the back of his head and drew him closer, claiming his mouth in a sure and want filled kiss. She told him with her touch, and her body, that whatever this was, whatever had come to life between them, and wherever it lead, she wasn't afraid. She wanted this, wanted him. She had never been more certain of anything.

Rose parted her lips under the pressure of his kiss, allowing his tongue to taste the sweetness of her mouth, and with a groan of desire the Doctor deepened the kiss, taking all that she offered him. His touch left her breast to move with purpose down the length of her body. His hand fisted into the fabric of her dress, slowly dragging the silken gown up as he plundered Rose's mouth with a searching kiss. His cool fingers slipped beneath the oyster silk dress, brushed the back of her knee, and then trailed further up her leg, to the smooth warmth of her thigh.

Rose's mind reeled from the Doctor's touch, her body responding to the absolute certainty of his caress. Her hands stroked down his back as he moved above her, and her fingers curled under the bottom of his jumper, pulling it up, exposing cool skin that she desperately needed to touch.

They broke apart only long enough to pull the jumper up and off, throwing it unwanted to the floor, and then the Doctor was kissing her again, his desire burning into her. He whispered dark promises against her skin as his lips and teeth softly kissed and bit at her. He travelled a seductive journey down her throat and across her shoulder as his hand gently eased her legs apart. His long fingers stroked the oh-so-soft skin of her inner thigh, his touch brushing higher and higher, making her breathless with a want that only he could fulfil. She cried out softly, lifted her hips in a clear invitation, and when he finally pushed one finger inside her, Rose gasped and arched up into his touch. Her body trembled as his thumb circled the hidden bundle of nerves that hardened under his attentions, and she cried out again, as a second finger pushed inside her.

Rose raked her hands down the Doctor's back, her fingernails scraping against his skin as he continued his sweet torture of her. His mouth returned to capture hers and Rose met his fire and passion with her own.

She kissed him as if he was life itself. She breathed in the scent of him as she explored his roughened cheek with her lips and tongue. She grazed her teeth against his neck, bit a little and relished the gasp that tore from his mouth. Her hands moved to hold his face as she kissed his mouth again, drank in his sighs and fed him her own. She let her hands slide to his shoulders, her fingernails digging into his flesh as she arched into his touch.

She felt a tightening and fluttering in her stomach that seemed to warm and pool through her body and she whimpered as the sensation strengthened. She wanted this promised release, craved it, but she didn't want this to end yet, not yet.

In some vain hope of saving herself she tried not to fall too soon from the constant push and play of his fingers. She tried to forget that he was driving her mad with want, and pleasure, and need, and tried to find strength to hold onto the feeling of almost for a little longer, just a little longer. Please.

Oh but his touch, his divine touch, his kiss, the cool burn of his body on hers… it would be such bliss to fall.

She felt loss tear through her as the Doctor's fingers slipped from her. She opened her eyes, and cried out in frustration. But he wrapped her up in his arms at once, soothed her and kissed her. He made her forget everything, except that he was with her, and that they were together. Nothing else mattered.

He turned with her, lifting her, and Rose scrambled on top of him, sitting astride his hips, her dress pushed up to her thighs. Her head lolled forward as she caught her breath, then lifted her heavy lashes and met his gaze.

He smiled at her, his eyes dark with want, and Rose felt such elation sweep through her blood. She placed her hands flat on his stomach and traced the muscles she felt there, taut and lean. She scraped her fingernails against his skin and watched his body tense under hers.

The Doctor reached out and caressed Rose's breast through the oyster silk, then he trailed a slow and exploring touch down her body, making her tremble. Finally he lay his hand possessively on her thigh and looked at her, his eyes dark.

His fingers curled into the dress. "Take it off." His hand pushed further under the silk, cool fingers reaching higher. "Need to see you."

Rose stared back at him, falling into his gaze. She took an unsteady breath, as silently she crossed her arms in front of herself. She caught up her silk gown in her hands, lifted it up and over her head in one movement, and then threw it to the floor.

She returned her gaze to his, unprepared for the intensity that she saw there. She smiled, and traced the hard outline of him, still held restrained behind zip and denim. He hissed out a breath as his eyes half closed and he arched off the bed and into her touch.

"You like?" she asked him.

He opened his eyes and stared back at her. He swallowed hard. "I like," he told her.

She slid his belt from the buckle, and pulled it free. Her fingers fluttered around the button at the waist of his jeans, tugged it open, then hesitated. Her eyes darted back to the Doctor's as he gave a groan of frustration, and arched up into Rose's touch one more.

"Tell me to stop and I will," she whispered, and bit her lip to control her smile.

He held her gaze and let out a ragged breath. "Don't stop."

Rose moved slowly, drawing down the metal zip, slipping her hand inside to touch him, learn him. He groaned as she wrapped her hand around him, stroked his flesh, felt him grow in her fist and strain toward her body.

She leant close to him, dropped kisses to his face, eyes, mouth, neck, chest. She crawled lower down his body and she kissed his stomach, felt the tightening of his muscles as she trailed butterfly kisses to his skin, down, down, down. But before she could take him into her mouth, she was pulled back up, rolled over and suddenly he was above her. His expression lost in desire.

She stared back into his eyes and read his thoughts there. He had waited over nine hundred years to find another soul to burn with his, and now that he had found her, he would not — could not — wait still longer. He hoped that she would understand. Their time was now.

Rose slipped her hands to the Doctor's hips as he moved to kiss her, and she pushed at the black jeans he still wore, until she had freed him. Naked, he moved to take his place between her legs as she wrapped herself tight around him, a cry of glory escaping her lips as he slid inside her body.

One hand he set at her side, to take some of his weight. His other hand cupped her face, holding her there, making her meet his eyes as he pushed inside the warm welcome of her body.

Each push into her, each slow withdrawal, was a declaration of his undying love. Overwhelmed, Rose closed her eyes, and a tear fell to her cheek. The Doctor kissed it away then claimed her lips as his hand left her cheek to cup her breast, then trail down to where their bodies joined.

He stoked her softly, slowly, and maddeningly. He brought her to a dizzying orgasm that left her breathless and then he too found release, his body lost in hers.

Exhausted, Rose slipped back into dreams as the Doctor kissed her lips. He brushed a lock of her hair from her cheek and gazed at her in awe. He had tried so long to convince himself that he didn't need her; that she would be better off without him. He knew now that he had been wrong. They belonged to each other, and somehow they would find forever.

"I'll be here when you wake up Rose," he whispered, softly. "I promise."

Carefully, so as not to wake her, he drew her close into his arms, and held her against him as if she was his last hope for salvation. And perhaps, she was. For in her he knew that he had found the impossible. He had found love.

~The End~

Tags: adult, angst, fic : sleepless nights, nine, romance, rose, smut
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