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fic : Heart Shaped (8/10)

Title : Heart Shaped (8/10)
Pairing : Nine/Rose
Genre : Romance/Smut/Humour
Rating : Adult
Word Count : 12871 (total)
Status : Complete
Summary : He lifted her arms above her head and held them there, looking down at her with eyes that raked over her body until her laughter faded, and all she could do was stare back into his face; wishing so hard that he would kiss her. 

Chapter One : Heart )
Chapter Two : Doctor's Orders )
Chapter Three : Cause and Effect )
Chapter Four : Safe-ish Distance )

Chapter Five : Mixed Signals ) 
Chapter Six : By Any Other Name )
Chapter Seven : Birds, Bees and Bromide )



Chapter Eight : The Flesh is Weak

In only three strides the Doctor closed the distance between himself and Rose. He stood achingly close to her, so close that she could smell the delicious mix of wool and leather that clung to his skin; an echo of the clothes he had forsaken. It was a scent she would forever recognise as being uniquely him. She had no chance to react, no chance to think or understand. All she could do was lift her head and gaze up into the blue steel of his eyes; eyes that glittered with such dark and wondrous promises that she felt a rush of fire sweep through her blood, and her skin prickle in anticipation of his kiss. It was all she could do to remember to breathe.

He lowered his head to hers as face to face they watched each other, their eyes mirrors to their souls. Neither could look away. Neither wanted to.

The Doctor's right hand came to cup Rose's cheek, long fingers pushing through the blonde of her hair as he tilted her head back a little, then hesitated, his lips hovering close to hers; the truest definition of temptation Rose had ever known. She fluttered in his presence, like a moth dazzled by the brilliance of a flame. Her hand moved instinctively to touch his chest, feeling the rapid double beat of his hearts under cool skin, and then she stroked lower, her fingers spreading out like a star. She felt the Doctor's stomach muscles clench as her fingernails grazed his skin and she found herself smiling under his watchfulness. She trembled as his other hand moved to the small of her back, purposefully drawing her against him. Her eyes closed as his lips touched hers, cool and oh so clever. It took no more than a gentle pressure for her lips to open under his, responsive and oh so willing. He deepened the kiss and she clung to him as she felt the universe spin and spiral around them.

His hand resting possessively at the small of her back moved lower, smoothing a firm stroke over her bottom and gently but firmly pulling her against him so that...

Oh. Her eyes opened wide. Compatible mate was right.

He broke the kiss, and for a second Rose felt dizzy from its loss, but then the Doctor took her hand in his and silently led her back to his bed. She followed in his step, trusting, silent and willing.

He lay her down and moved to half cover her with his body as his mouth captured her lips again, kissing her first soft and sweet, then changing into a dance of need and desire that Rose had only ever dreamed of. His hands traced across her skin, learning her curves, his fingers almost teasing her. He seemed to take great delight in the noises she made as his touch discovered the secrets of her body.

Rose could not prevent a soft moan from escaping her lips as she felt the Doctor lift her body slightly as he removed her jeans and socks. That done, he eased away from her for a moment, his admiring eyes feasting on his wanton Rose. He could not help but smile, certain as he was that Rose in delicate white lace underwear was the most alluring sight he'd seen in all his nine hundred years. His eyes trailed a lazy path over every curve, then his fingers and his lips followed the same path, until he was kissing her again; discovering her again and again and again.

Rose was breathless and oh so ready, the Doctor's touch having blinded her to all things but need and want and desire. She knew that nothing else mattered but this moment. This here and now. Nothing else existed.

Except... It's not really him. Not really.

"Rose." His fingers brushed against her hip, her tattoo; the heart that did not beat.

She arched up into him, lost in the way he said her name. Drifting on pleasures and promises. Falling.

Except... He wouldn't do this.

"Doctor," his name fell from her lips as his kisses moved from her mouth to taste her jaw, her neck, then lower, lower, lower. She felt his warm breath hovering at her breast, still covered in lace and she trembled, wanting this so much. So much.

Except... It's the tattoo. You know it is.

She let out a breath and felt tears prick at her eyes. She tried not to listen, tried not to hear, tried not to believe.

Except... He wouldn't be doing this if he had a choice. You know that. He asked you to stop him didn't he? He wanted you to stop him, because he knew that he couldn't.

She twisted from under his body. Positions are reversed. She straddled his body, hands on his chest and the Doctor groaned, rocked against her, his hands moving to her hips as he held her just there. She threw her head back as heat surged through her flesh, and her body screamed its need. The flesh is weak after all.

She bit her bottom lip, forcing herself to think. Oh, she's on top, but she's not sure that she can do this. Not sure at all.

Except... Is this really how you want this to happen? Really? When the choice isn't his? He can't think straight. You know he can't.

Rose reached down the bed and her fingers closed over the leather of the Doctor's discarded belt.

Do the right thing.

She leant in close and kissed him hard, distracting him as she moved his arms up above his head. She pulled back and rocked against him. Another distraction. She watched as his eyes closed in pleasure.

She slipped the belt around his wrists and then behind one of the metal slats of the headboard. She tugged the belt tight, secured it, then moved back slightly, satisfied that it would hold.

The Doctor opened his eyes, dark, curious and then suddenly angry.


She scrambled off the bed and grabbed at his leather jacket, slipping it on, covering herself with the reassuring scent of him. She pulled the front of the jacket together and wrapped in his armour, stood at the bottom of the bed staring at the Doctor as he tugged uselessly at his restraint.

"I'm sorry," she said, her mouth dry. "Turns out I can't do this, at least not like this."

He wasn't listening. "Rose, undo this belt now."

She shook her head and took a few steps backwards, afraid that she'd weaken. "I can't," she explained. "You're not yourself. I have to... I have to..." she stopped, suddenly realising that she was quite possibly insane.

"You have to come back to bed," the Doctor said with dark emphasis, his eyes glittering.

She shook her head again. "No." She swallowed hard. "I... I have to catch up on some reading." She turned on her heel, sounds of outrage echoing around the room. At the door she hesitated, glancing back at the Doctor as a slight smile played at her lips. "Don't do anything I wouldn't."

The Doctor gave the belt another fierce tug. "Oh, very funny."




Chapter Nine


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